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Champagne Taittinger Unveils an Art Deco Refurbishment

Champagne Taittinger Unveils an Art Deco Refurbishment

With the new Visitors' Centre remaining faithful to this era, a visit to Taittinger now provides the chance to cross almost 16 centuries in just 118 steps. The magnificent Taittinger cellars which lie beneath the cellar door, were hewn into the limestone bedrock by Roman Legionnaires as long ago as the 4th Century AD. These enormous caverns are one of the wonders of Reims and a must for anyone with even a passing interest in Champagne or history and are, in fact, part of a regional project which could see the classic vineyards and cellars of the region being awarded UNESCO status.
Visitors to Taittinger are welcomed like old friends and can choose between the 'classic' tour and a customised tasting tour. At the end of each tour visitors have the opportunity to try several different Taittinger 'cuvées'.

As a family business, it would not be out of the ordinary for visitors to bump into Pierre-Emmanuel Taittinger or his daughter Vitalie or son Clovis, all of whom would be happy to stop and chat about their family wines. With a background in art and design Vitalie was closely involved with the impressive new look. However it is her father, Pierre-Emmanuel Taittinger, who has been the main driving force behind this renovation. It has long been his dream to remodel the cellar door respecting the vision of his uncle François Taittinger to have the cellar door on the ground floor with a view of Taittinger's gardens. He has been heavily involved in every detail of the transformation, visiting the site every morning and carefully choosing each piece of furniture in order to ensure the final appearance of the cellar door remains true to the Taittinger heritage and reflects the elegance and finesse of its Champagnes, brought about by the high proportion of Chardonnay used in all their winemaking.

Internationally recognised for their quality and style of Champagnes, the Taittinger family has been rooted in Champagne since 1931. Headed up by Pierre Emmanuel Taittinger, Taittinger Champagne remains one of the few "Grandes Marques" to be owned and actively managed by the eponymous family.

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