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Caliterra leads the way for wine in a greener Chile ...

Caliterra leads the way for wine in a greener Chile ...

It's not always easier to be green, but the demand for it has never been higher. Caliterra welcomes the development of a greener Chile, as the 2012 edition of "Chile Verde" embraces Viña Caliterra's National Sustainability Code.Caliterra has created a code to encourage the environmental preservation of vineyards and produce quality eco-wine. "Chile Verde" captures the ideas and best practice methods regarding environmental protection, and in July 2012 a new edition of the book was published in Chile.

But "Chile Verde" is only one piece in a broader project called: Por un Chile Verde: Acciones Para un Sundo Sustenable (For a Green Chile: Actions for a Sustainable World). The 2009 born initiative seeks to educate, raise awareness, and support an environmental culture using three layers of promotion: a photography exhibition, a website and the book - "Chile Verde" (also available to download for free at

Viña Caliterra's environmentally-inspired project, the National Sustainability Code for the Wine Industry, was soon accredited and managed to score a place amongst 106 other ideas and companies to be highlighted in this year's "Chile Verde". In terms of sustainability, Caliterra prides itself on being one of Chile's most innovative wineries, and was actually selected as the only wine brand to be involved in the book.

The roots of Caliterra originate from the wine families of Robert Mondavi and Viña Errazuriz, when they united in 1996. Their philosophy was to generate naturally produced, eco-friendly, quality wines in the heart of the Colchagua Valley - this became Caliterra, meaning 'quality of land' in English. Their enthusiasm for the environment led to the creation of the National Sustainability Code. Viña Caliterra employed a range of green schemes, such as resourcing efficient water use, reducing the Carbon Footprint, recycling projects, and conserving biodiversity in the vineyard's surrounding areas. As a result, the green-driven winery was one of the very first Chilean wineries to be certified sustainable.

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