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Domaine Carneros 25th "Crush"

Domaine Carneros 25th "Crush"

The 25th "Crush" at Domaine Carneros began with a fitting celebration Monday 20th August.

Before toasting with the wine from that first press, I regaled our team with stories and "whoops" moments from that harvest to prepare them for what they were about to taste. But after one sip, I realized it all came together in the end by some miracle - and it has aged beautifully!

This year's harvest began earlier than the two most recent vintages, and in the range of what is considered "normal." (Twenty-five years ago the harvest was exceptionally early, with a start date of August 8th.)

Flavor development is first rate, with sugar levels or brix at lower levels than usual. If the first day of harvest is any indication, wines from 2012 will be slightly lower in alcohol than recent vintages with wonderful structure, elegance and longevity.

And, while the past three harvests have been very small, this harvest yield promises to be spot on: not too big, not too small; just the right amount - plenty for our friends and fans!

Eileen Crane
Domaine Carneros CEO/Founding Winemaker

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