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It's begun - The vintage of my lifetime

It's begun - The vintage of my lifetime

It's impossible not to get excited, it's just how excited do I allow myself to get? I've had my heart broken before too many times to get overconfident, and know its not over till the juice is in the tank, but this vintage is already unique. Not only are our grapes ripening perfectly under constantly blue skies, but cooler nights are helping retain acidity and ultimately enrich the wines with a vitality not normally seen in drought seasons.

First grapes harvested were from our front block of chardonnay. The first crop off this park like vineyard with its curved rows came in in perfect condition and after hand loading to our press is now in barrels and tank about to undergo fermentation. Is this is an indication of the rest of harvest?

Vintage of a lifetime? It has that feel to it.

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