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Domaine Carneros - harvest has begun!

Domaine Carneros - harvest has begun!

Every morning, I thank my lucky stars that I am a winemaker. Even after 36 years, harvest is a complete thrill, beginning with the challenge of when to pick each block of grapes. Did we make the right call? Would Thursday be better than Wednesday? The grapes might look and taste right, but we won't know for sure until the first fermentations.

2013 has been a wonderful growing season. From bloom to harvest, it's been about ten days longer than usual. Grape sugars are just where we want them, and flavors and balance are nearly perfect. Ripening has been even and harvest promises to continue at a nice, steady pace.

We started bringing in grapes on August 16 and harvest of our grapes for sparkling wine will finish this week. The newly pressed juice is delicious, and the aroma of fermenting juice in the cellar is so rapturous, I never want to leave.

Even with all these positive indicators, we won't know if 2013 is truly a great vintage until the first fermentations are complete. It will take years before our sparkling wines are ready for release, but fortunately, we have a few bottles from earlier vintages to tide you over.

A votre santé!

Eileen Crane
Domaine Carneros CEO/Founding Winemaker

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