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Villa Maria's worms hit the road in 2014

Villa Maria's worms hit the road in 2014

Villa Maria's worms hit the road in 2014 - Bringing sustainable 'wormie' action to their Hawkes Bay and Marlborough vineyards

Villa Maria has long been championing the 'power of the worm' in its daily drive to minimise the impact of the business on the environment. Fully ISO14001 accredited since 2009, Villa Maria has been using thousands of worms in its Auckland Worm Farm to create nutrient rich material to fertilise its vineyards. New Year 2014 sees some of these worms 'hit the road' to extend their valuable digestive powers to Villa Maria's other vineyards throughout Hawkes Bay and Marlborough.

The new network of worm farms will be fed with scraps from Villa Maria's restaurant kitchens, staff lunchrooms and organic wastes. From this waste thousands of worms will create a natural, nutrient rich fertiliser that Villa Maria can use in its vineyards.

Comments Fabian Yukich, Villa Maria Executive Director and the man behind many of Villa Maria's environmental initiatives: "As a family company, the desire to leave something for the next generation is an ever-present objective and we have really enjoyed exploring some of the fun and responsible ways we can improve our sustainability. The worm farms are definitely one of my favourites… it is wonderful how something so small and so common can chomp through our scraps to give us this completely natural, cheap and hugely effective fertiliser. Our flocks of sheep that graze the vineyards in the summer provide another source of natural fertilizer and they are great to look at… but not quite as easy to manage as our worms!"

All Villa Maria vineyards are accredited to Sustainable Wine Growing New Zealand and ISO140001 environmental management plan. Progressively Villa Maria is transitioning its vineyards to organic management practices with a number certified under the Biogro Organic accreditation.

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