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Biodiversity in Caliterra, A Continuous Challenge

Biodiversity in Caliterra, A Continuous Challenge

The biological corridors in the Caliterra easte now amount to nearly 1000m­ in size.   In September five new corridors were planted, again with the aim to create vegetation areas close to the vineyard in order to help increase biodiversity, the multiplication of natural enemies and promote the circulation of insects.

Lizardo Cornejo, who has worked at Caliterra for over 16 years and participated in the planting of the estate since the beginning, leads the implementation and care of these corridors. Lizardo, even more inspired this year, shaped a couple of corridors into a glass and bottle. "In September various species were planted, such as lupins, blumen, cosmos, poppies, sunflowers, clover, rue, etc, which will surely bloom in early November", said Lizardo.

These plants make our beautiful countryside an even more unique place, while providing a permanent supply of nectar and hosting for beneficial insects attracted to the colors and aromas, thus establishing a biological balance and enabling self-regulation of the vineyard.

"Biological corridors minimize environmental impact, creating a habitat where plants coexist with the vines, hosting natural enemies which help control potential pests that may a‑ect the vineyard", explains Mario Oliva, Viticulturist & Head of Sustainability.

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