Caliterra Vintage Reports

Caliterra 2013 Vintage Report

The 2013 vintage was the longest, complex, and challenge-filled harvest seasons in recent years. It began with one of the most Mediterranean springs that I can recall, with more rain and warmer nights than usual, which caused us to adjust our vineyard management program because irrigation was not necessary. The trend continued until summer, which was a bit colder than normal and had no rain at the end of the season, which allowed us to wait patiently for our fruit to ripen fully.

Caliterra 2012 Vintage Report

The 2011-2012 season was warm and dry with moderate yields. Comparted to last season, this year had higher minimum and maximum average temparatures in February and March and less preceipitation between October and April, which led to very healthy grapes but made water management difficult by generating stress in the vines and dehydration of the grapes in some cases.

Caliterra 2011 Vintage Report

This harvest was characterized by being a cold season with low yields, similar to the 2009-2010 season. Although no autumn frosts were registered, there was an increase in precipitations. However, the additional rains did not affect the quality of the grapes.

Caliterra 2010 Vintage Report

The 2009-2010 season will be remembered as one of the coolest from recent years, allowing a smooth and prolonged ripening grape, with very healthy fruit, but also in some cases resulted in lower yields.

Caliterra 2009 Vintage Report

Once again we ended the Season with an exceptional weather. Even though it seemed to be a normal year regarding rainfalls (564mm / 22,2 inches in 2008) our summer was closer to drought than what we thought, if we consider that the period of time between the last rain of winter time and the first rain of autumn was 8,5 months. We can`t complain. Once again we enjoyed a privileged climate to cultivate the vines for great wines.

Caliterra 2007 Vintage Report

No harvest is the same as another, and this one was no exception. Despite the years of experience our team of professionals have, which together amounts to more than half a century, we await each new growing season with trepidation.

Caliterra 2006 Vintage Report

In order to ensure the highest quality some of the grapes for our flagship wine did not come into contact with a pump. The entire process was performed manually, including selection, destemming and transferring to the fermentation tank.

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