C.V.N.E Winery

The C.V.N.E winery and headquarters have been at the Cune site in Haro since 1879.

Cune, Rioja Alta
The winery and its first cellar were built in the same year pioneering a new lighting system still in operation today. 20 years later more cellars were built incorportating an innovative new design inspired by the legendary architect, Alexandre Gustave Eiffel. Rather than use conventional columns to support the ceiling, metal trusses extend from wall to wall creating an open space that significantly improves the management of the barrels in the cellar. Here the wine is produced, bottled and aged. Cune aims to produce wines that combine tradition with a continuous drive to improve wine quality.

Viña Real, Rioja Alavesa
The French architect, Philippe Mazieres, has created a stunning modern winery (pictured to the right) made out of concrete, wood and stainless-steel. Completed in 2004, it is shaped like an enormous oak vat with two tunnels drilled into the mountain. The vat is divided into two levels. On the upper level, is the winery with its state of the art technology, including the first two vertical hoppers installed in Spain. On the lower level, there is a circular barrel room. The winery is linked to the bottling and ageing tunnels.

Contino, Rioja Alavesa
With foundations dating from the 16th Century, this 62 hectare estate is located in a bend in the River Ebro. Here, a particular microclimate gives a special character to the wine. The name Contino refers to the royal guard of 100 soldiers who continually, 'de contino', guarded the King and his family. One of their members, Don Pedro de Samaniego, was rewarded for his loyalty with the property, now home to Contino. In 1973, Contino established the concept of the 'Bordeaux Chateau' in Rioja, creating the first single estate Rioja.

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