Domaine Carneros 2017 Vintage Report

2017 will be a year that no one forgets. The drought-ending storms created nearly twice our yearly average of rainfall. This meant the vineyards were revived and we delayed our first irrigation until mid-July. June and July saw some heat spikes and the August mornings brought us cool air to modulate the temperature. Harvest began on August 7th and finished on August 29th. The must was very healthy and the quality of the vintage is superb.

Some days after completing the harvest, some of the worst fires in Californian history broke out. None of our grapes were affected but everyone’s lives were and our hearts go out to those who were not as fortunate.

Domaine Carneros 2016 Vintage Report

This year's uncommonly early flowering allowed us to predict the early harvest that followed. After exactly one month of harvesting we had a generous crop at 8% higher than predicted. Casting a critical eye on the personality of the vintage there seems to be a theme of brightness and concentration running through the '16s, which we look forward to capturing as we set to work on the blends.

Domaine Carneros 2015 Vintage Report

It's hard to judge the quality of the vintage, but when looking ahead of what we have, we are excited. At the end of the day, we love the way the wines are tasting. We got a nice range of flavours in the Pinot Noir and Chardonnay cuvees. And, on the still wine side, the colours are deep and saturated.

Domaine Carneros 2014 Vintage Report

2014 was in many ways a strange season…Indeed, we experienced one of the strongest earthquakes to ever strike our region, which left us all in a bit of a shock. Our Visitor Center and winemaking facilities survived with minor damage and we count ourselves very lucky.

Domaine Carneros 2013 Vintage Report

2013 was a wonderful growing season. From bloom to harvest, it had been about ten days longer than usual as the flowering came early. The consistent growing and ripening conditions allowed us to pick the fruit as it was becoming perfectly ripe. Grape sugars were just where we wanted them, and flavours and balance were nearly perfect.

Domaine Carneros 2012 Vintage Report

The crop size was modestly generous after three very small years. Pinot Noir was about 7% above what we would call normal; Chardonnay was 5% shy. Both varieties produced lovely flavorful wines with the balance and finesse we have come to expect from our organic estate vineyards."

Domaine Carneros 2011 Vintage Report

A cool late rainy spring led into a very cool long growing season. Therefore, the 2011 harvest was the second latest I have ever seen in 34 years. Our sparkling harvest began on August 31st, the bunches were small and the crop quantity was tiny. Quality is exceptional.

Domaine Carneros 2010 Vintage Report

The unseasonably cool summer meant a luxuriously long growing season for our Estate Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes, with lots of time to develop rich flavors and soft tannins. Last week's heat spike was all it took to bring the first of our fruit to full maturity

Domaine Carneros 2009 Vintage Report

It seems that there really are no two harvests that are the same. And, there could not be two more different examples than 2008 and 2009. Optimism ran high from the outset in 2009 given the generous amount of rainfall we had in spring time. In 2008, by comparison, our last storm occurred on March 15. But, in 2009 we enjoyed two storms in April and one the first week of May. Our rain dances paid big dividends

Domaine Carneros 2008 Vintage Report

On August 15, the crew at Domaine Carneros began our 21st harvest at the Chateau. (There was one before 1988, and someday I will tell you that story over a glass of bubbly.) I hesitate to even say it lest the gods overhear, but it has been almost too easy, with everything arriving as if on cue. The crop is small, due in part to frost damage, but even without that, it would have been short. Yet the quality is absolutely lovely.

Domaine Carneros 2007 Vintage Report

It seems that no two growing seasons are alike, and certainly not two in a row. 2007 was no exception to this rule. Crop size was down this year which is not a surprise after the record breaking harvest in 2006. This is attributable to several factors, one of which is the very arid winter with limited rainfall. The other factor is that the vines are recovering from the large expenditure of energy put forth in the exceptional crop of the previous year. This combination should lead to noteworthy wines as a smallish crop and less water availability indicate wines with above average concentration.

Domaine Carneros 2006 Vintage Report

In the recent vintages, we have experienced small to very small crops in three out of four vintages. In 2006, the vines were anxious to produce a generous crop and they did. The increase in crop was largely due to a 10% larger berry size, particularly in our Chardonnay. The juice and resulting wine from this superb growing season for sparkling is just luscious without exception.

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