Errazuriz Greenmatters

Errazuriz is one of the first Chilean wineries to earn the certification of sustainability granted by Vinos de Chile and the Vinnova-Tecnovid Consortium, demonstrating yet agin how its wines are not only of a very high quality, but also faithfully reflect the terroir of the Valle de Aconcagua with concern for the environment and its community.
The certification affirms that Errazuriz comples with a series of requirements in its lands located throughout the Valle de Aconcagua and makes it one of the first Chilean wineries to obtain this certification. Among the primary requirements, Errazuriz stands out for the measurement of its water and carbon footprints, precision agriculture with vigour photographs, and erosion control.

Sustainable Viticulture
Sustainable viticulture has been a pillar of the Errazuriz philosophy for the last two decades. Techniques include:
o Integrated pest management
o Minimal, rational fertilization programs
o Irrigation water management
o Precision agriculture

Errazuriz has signed up to the Chilean industry Clean Production Protocol as well as putting into place best practice management systems in line with BRC and ISO standards.

Lightweight bottles
Errazuriz were the first winery in Chile to commercially export in lightweight glass bottles. Saving between 12% and 15% depending on the shape of the bottle this initiative is beneficial in the following ways:
o Reduction in raw materials and energy in production
o More cases per container due to weight restrictions
o Less CO2 per bottle in transport emissions

Eco friendly architecture
In the last few years Errazuriz has invested multi million dollars in new winery infrastructure. This includes:
o New barrel hall with natural diurnal temperature control vents to boost the air conditioning systems
o New winery with eco friendly materials and geothermal temperature control

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