Louis Jadot 2014 Vintage Report

Conditions for 2014 started well however a violet hailstorm in June hit several communes in the Mâcon and Côte d'Or which had a devastating effect.   Summer then continued to be unsettled but a period of dry weather in September returned the available grapes to good health.  Harvest commended 11th September.

Nearly all the vineyards, from Chablis down to Beaujolais, were picked at the same time. Harvest was fast-paced, thanks to the good weather, which continued throughout the month. The harvest of the Hautes Côtes, which began around a fortnight later, was magnificent, providing both generous yields and very healthy grapes.    The wines of the Côte des Nuits are promising to be superb, with deep colours and generous fruit.  The white wines are  balanced and are showing precise, vivid acidity and a great concentration. Qualities in certain communes are significantly reduced as a result of the June hail storms.

Louis Jadot 2013 Vintage Report

After the challenges thrown at them in 2012, Bourgogne winemakers were hoping for a peaceful 2013. But capricious Mother Nature had other ideas. Defying all weather forecasts, she never let up. After a long winter, a gloomy spring and a fine, providential summer, for the most part, the pickers had to wait until the start of October to take up their secateurs.

The consequences of the weather's whims - such as shatter and millerandage, hail damage, concentration and disease - all had an impact on the quantities harvested. Across the region, no winegrowing area was spared. Fortunately, tastings suggest that 2013 is a very successful vintage. Once again, experience has made all the difference.

Louis Jadot 2012 Vintage Report

It was a vintage born of a troubled growing season characterised by constrasting and unusual weather patterns. Winegrowers always have to keep a close eye on their vines, poised to treat when necessary; in 2012 they had to be guardian angels, ready at every moment to fight the fungal diseases, and defeat them ... and save the crop.

Louis Jadot 2011 Vintage Report

This vintage is characterized by very expressive wines, representative of Burgundy. They are very elegant, powerful and delicate at the same time.

Louis Jadot 2010 Vintage Report

Overall, following a challenging vintage, we are happy with the quality of the grapes we finally harvested this year. The resulting juices, showed promise and developed into good, and in some cases very good, wines. At Louis Jadot we are lucky to have a skilful team both in the vineyard and the winery, which allows us to approach variable vintages, such as this one, with some confidence.

Louis Jadot 2009 Vintage Report

A fine April saw early flowering with a plentiful crop. June was unseasonably hot and there was some drought stress in certain areas. By July ripening was advancing at a pace. August was hot and dry and a fine harvest promised for September. For once the triage table was largely superfluous with perhaps only 10% of the crop discarded. Overall , a great vintage in terms of quality and quantity.

Louis Jadot 2008 Vintage Report

With the exception of December the 2007/2008 winter was mild. April was cool but humid and summer arrived in May with sunny periods at the end of June and July. Rain then followed causing some illness in the vineyard and careful management was required for quality. Harvest time saw very good ripening of the grapes and after precise sorting, quality became obvious.

Louis Jadot 2007 Vintage Report

The level of rain was rather high this year, and could be considered either as a handicap or as a positive asset. Indeed, the level of ground water had been very low in the past years, and 2007 probably allowed an easier demineralisation, an advantage for the developing of the wine aromas. We even think that it could give some style to the wines, a certain touch of chic.

Louis Jadot 2006 Vintage Report

After some challenging growing conditions, the 2006 harvest landed safely. The Ban des Vendanges for whites was on the 18th September, and for reds this was on the 20th - although special dispensation was given to certain sites in the Côte de Beaune where there was a degree of rot. Sugar levels across both varieties were acceptable.

Louis Jadot 2005 Vintage Report

On the whole, this vintage bode well and 2005 was to be a vintage everyone will remember for its quality although a few areas, such as Chassagne Montrachet and Santenay, were damaged by hail storms.

Louis Jadot 2004 Vintage Report

Overall the crop was a good one but produced wines of differing qualities. The most conscientious growers, those who controlled their production with green harvesting and careful soil management, and their vinification with rigorous grape selection and control of fermentation temperatures, produced the more impressive cuvées. 2004 is good for quantity and quality, with careful selection.

Louis Jadot 2003 Vintage Report

2003 was an extraordinary year culminating in a harvest unlike any other ever experienced. In spite of rather erratic weather throughout the year, the vines turned out to be quite exceptional. The summer in France was unbelievably warm, particularly the first 15 days of August when temperatures reached an all time high of over 40 C. These conditions, coupled with strong storms, hail and frost in some areas in April, resulted in a very unusual and early harvest.

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