Taittinger 2017 Vintage Report

A complex vintage - 2017 was characterised by many climatic extremes that had a direct impact on the vineyard.

Taittinger 2016 Vintage Report

2016 will not be forgotten lightly by Champagne’s vine growers.  It was not easy, nor typical....

Taittinger 2015 Vintage Report

‘‘We are very pleased to have brought grapes of exceptional quality to the presses, this year, particularly as this was an atypical growing season. So what will the wines be like? No doubt they too will be exceptional’’
Vincent Collard, Vineyard Director.

Taittinger 2014 Vintage Report

The 2014 vintage in the Champagne region saw mixed, relatively atypical conditions. The year was characterised by a rainy winter followed by a mild, very dry spring, and then a rainy summer.

Taittinger 2013 Vintage Report

It was another odd year for the region in terms of weather. After a cold, wet winter, and a particularly chilly, rainy, overcast spring, the vines began their growth cycle two weeks later than the ten-year average, and never caught up again.

Taittinger 2012 Vintage Report

The climatic conditions that led to the maturation of the grapes were exceptional. In contrast with 2011, we experienced dry and sunny conditions in August and September, without being too warm. During the harvest, a few mornings were particularly cold, close to frost, but overall, the great weather prevailed throughout the harvest period, with good weather and cool nights. These conditions lead us to believe that the wines, although from a very ripe harvest, will be of great finesse.

Taittinger 2011 Vintage Report

The 2011Champagne harvest was as atypical as the beginning of the viticultural year.

Taittinger 2009 Vintage Report

2009 conditions were generally good. April was gentle, followed by a fresh, wet three months. Consequently mildew emerged at an unusually early time of the year mid-may. Conditions improved late summer. August was hot and dry promoting maturity, followed by a few but intense rainy days at the beginning of September.

Taittinger 2008 Vintage Report

2008 started with late budburst and vines suffered slightly from an April spring frost. Gentle, dry weather during the first half of May helped quick growth of the vine. From mid-May until the harvest, the weather was generally gentle, sometimes cold, but regularly damp which meant disease had to be controlled. Harvest started September 15th.

Taittinger 2007 Vintage Report

2007 will be remembered for its unusual climatic conditions. After a mild winter the vine lifecycle started unusually early; the sun and the exceptional heat of April further accelerated the vine development and an early harvest was predicted. However bad weather settled in from May and conditions were challenging.

Taittinger 2006 Vintage Report

2006 will be remembered for the unusual length of time from start to finish of the harvest in the different regions. This was a result of the varied level of rainfall during the summer in the different regions which affected grape maturity.

Taittinger 2005 Vintage Report

Even though the season began with dry and mild weather, the Champenois saying "in Saint-Vincent, winter dies or regains strength" proved itself. From January 23rd, the day after the winegrowers' festival, the temperature lowered and wintry weather moved in. Frequent snowfall from the end of January through mid-March clearly hindered the vine pruning.

Taittinger 2004 Vintage Report

2004 saw a relatively soft and late summer with September being warm and sunny. This helped the sugar levels in the grapes which were low at the beginning of September and the final result was good quality fruit. The quantity was also excellent and this combination made it a very good year for Champagne.

Taittinger 2003 Vintage Report

To sum up, 2003 was an exceptional and difficult year for Champagne. Although the volume produced was disappointing, this was largely offset by the qualitative characteristics that will give great Champagnes primarily to be drunk earlier rather than later.

Taittinger 2002 Vintage Report

Although many French and European vineyard regions suffered bad weather conditions, with intensive storms and flooding which caused damages to the harvest, the Champagne region enjoyed sunny weather that was favourable for grape maturity. Generally a very good vintage.

Taittinger 2001 Vintage Report

A generally warmer than usual year, from a wine-growing point of view. However maturation was delayed by the onset of cold, wet and unsettled weather encouraging the development of botrytis and limited the quality potential of the grapes. After careful monitoring harvest started September 20th and grape selection was key this year.

Taittinger 2000 Vintage Report

"It was a very good, very large harvest, but it still has been a very difficult year," said Jean-Louis Carbonnier, former director of the CIB. "It's really two good harvests [1999 and 2000] back-to-back. Both were large harvests of good to very good quality, and it is very likely that many will produce vintage-dated Champagnes in either or both years."

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