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Wine Details
Francisco Baettig and Eduardo Chadwick touch red wine glasses in a toast to Errazuriz

Max Merlot 2019

Aconcagua Valley
  • 75cl bottle

Beautiful and bright cherry red with ruby highlights. The wine shows aromas of red fruits such as raspberries, cherries accompanied by notes of pastry with a touch of dill and clove. In the mouth it feels juicy, very polished tannins with an acidity that brings freshness and tension. Good persistence with a long and very pleasant finish.


Merlot vines planted more than 17 years ago thrive in the clay soils of the Max IV Vineyard in the Aconcagua Valley. The soils at Max IV are of colluvial origin with a 3 feets layer of stone-free clay-loam texture that enables the roots to dig deep and obtain enough water, ensuring good canopy development. These soil profiles produce excellent balance between vegetative growth and fruit load, which in turn allows the grapes to reach their maximum concentration.


The 2019 vintage officially ended at Viña Errázuriz on May 3rd. It was a dry and warm season, giving way to an early vintage, with splendid sanitary conditions of our grapes. The vintage began with a shortfall of rains by the end of winter and beginning of spring, totalizing a deficit of 30% in 2018. The dry soils pushed us to irrigate one month ahead compared to an average year. On the other hand, the absence of rains during spring ensured splendid sanitary conditions of our grapes, which prevailed throughout the entire season. Temperatures early in the spring were similar to historic records, but were followed by a hot November. After experiencing normal temperatures in December and January, February was a hot month just like November, with heatwaves recorded in the central and southern regions that did not reach the Aconcagua Valley. This scenario made the harvest go ahead of the historical dates. March, on the contrary, was colder than average records. By this time, the harvest in Aconcagua Costa, which started in February 11, was at full speed, and was completed in a record lapse of just 45 days, in benefit of preserving the aromas and acidity of the wines. In general, the vintage delivered good yields, although some varieties registered lower yields than our estimations, such as the decrease in 17% for Cabernet Sauvignon from Aconcagua Inland, 10% for Merlot, 6% for Malbec and 4% for Sauvignon Blanc. In all, a dry and healthy year, warmer than historical averages, with November and February as the hottest months, giving way to an early vintage. The quality of our vineyards was demonstrated once again given the climatic fluctuations, droughts and high temperatures, delivering grapes of outstanding sanitary conditions and great concentration.


The grapes were hand harvested, selected, then gently crushed and deposited into stainless steel tanks for alcoholic fermentation. After fermentation, the new wine was left on its skins for optimal extractions of tannins and colour. Total maceration time was 12 –20 days, then aged for 12 months in French oak barrels, 20% of which were new.

Enjoy with:

  • Grilled and Roasted Red Meats
  • Pizza/Pasta
  • Casseroles/Stews
Spaghetti in a creamy mushroom sauce