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Max Reserva Wines

Francisco Baettig and Eduardo Chadwick touch red wine glasses in a toast to Errazuriz

The finest expression of the Aconcagua terroir.

Family Wines Since 1870
  • Max Reserva Chardonnay bottle image

    Max Reserva Chardonnay

    This premium Chardonnay comes from La Escultura Estate in Casablanca, which produces wonderfully ripe fruit with lovely balancing acidity. The finish is long, clean and delicious.

  • Max Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon bottle image

    Max Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon

    Quintessential top Chilean Cabernet: a blackcurrant explosion with fine tannins, careful oak ageing and great complexity.

  • Max Reserva Carmenère bottle image

    Max Reserva Carmenère

    The Mediterranean climate of the Aconcagua Valley suits Carmenère very well and creates this deep-colours and intesnely flavoured delight.

  • Max Reserva Merlot bottle image

    Max Reserva Merlot

    From old vines in clay soils, an intense and rich wine with smooth tannins. Flavours are prefectly rounded by ageing in oak.

  • Max Reserva Shiraz bottle image

    Max Reserva Shiraz

    Creamy ripe blackcurrant fruit with fresh black pepper. A full-bodied palate with rich fruit and spice, supple tannin and a long finish.