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Environmental Responsibility

The Colombo family - Jean-Luc, his wife Anne and daughter Laure, all actively involved in the business

Respect for nature and the unique qualities of each and every terroir in addition to a sustainable approach to vineyard management and winemaking is key to Colombo’s ‘green’ philosophy.

They have an uncompromising support for the sensible combination between traditional approaches to vineyard management and a modern understanding of the life cycle of the vine. In the vineyard, grass between the vines is managed to get a healthy competitive balance with the vines. Vine treatments are made only at the right time with organically certified products and only in small doses. There is absolutely no irrigation in order to respect the vintage and the terroir and is a subject Jean-Luc is exceptionally passionate about. In the winter organic compost is used to develop and maintain a good microbiological life in the soil.

Hand inspecting syrah grapes - removing a ladybird

Since 2012, the Colombo family vineyards have been managed to Ecocert Certifiable standards.  All of Colombo’s vineyards in Cornas and Saint-Péray are now full organically certified.

Healthy vineyards are also encouraged through a positive biodiversity of fauna and flora with lots of local plant varieties encouraged to grow at the vineyard edges.

In the winery the use of sulphites in winemaking is strictly controlled and the use of recycled packaging and packaging that can in turn be recycled is the rule. All bottles are Ecova bottles, meeting the same standards of technical and aesthetic quality as the traditional products while enjoying all the eco-friendly advantages of glass and a controlled production process (15% less CO2 emitted during production, 100% of collected glass is recycled).

Jean-Luc is also highly regarded in the region for redeveloping ‘lost’ vineyards to their former glory all of which is done in a sustainable manner with total respect to the environment.

Credit: Dimitri_Roulleau-Gallais