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The Colombo family - Jean-Luc, his wife Anne and daughter Laure, all actively involved in the business

The winemaking philosophy is classic – it is about respecting the fruit, with vinification and élèvage serving to define a style that should exalt elegance and complexity, with good fruit and freshness, balanced minerality, alcohol and tannins.

Laure Colombo in the winery image credit Dimitri Roulleau-Gallais
Laure Colombo. Image credit Dimitri Roulleau-Gallais

Colombo’s winery is housed in the heart of Cornas and it is here that all of their northern Rhône wines are vinified. Southern Rhône wines are made in state-of-the-art facilities in Vinsobres.

In Cornas, modern stainless steel tanks are used for vinification.  Wines are aged in barrels at the same site and also in a separate barrel hall just outside of the village.

After careful ageing, wines are bottled at Colombo’s own local facilities which are next to their state-of-the-art oenology laboratory.

Image credit: Dimitri Roulleau-Gallais