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Colombo & Fille Wines

The Colombo family - Jean-Luc, his wife Anne and daughter Laure, all actively involved in the business

Multitasking as a viticulturist and winemaker for both Jean-Luc Colombo and Colombo & Fille. Laure is working on developing and growing her estate in Saint-Péray where she hopes to achieve the same recognition for it as her father did for Cornas.

From the Heart and Soul of the Rhône
  • Côtes du Rhône Blanc bottle image
    Colombo & Fille

    Côtes du Rhône Blanc

    A lively blend of Clairette, Roussanne and Bourboulenc from vineyards in the heart of Côte du Rhône near Cairanne.

  • Saint-Péray bottle image
    Colombo & Fille


    A wine close to Laure’s heart, from this rising star appellation. . A talking point for any dinner table.

  • Colombo & Fille


    Rose and jasmine perfumes mingle with notes of cherries in the classic Provence Rosé. A wine for food Gourmands.

  • Cornas bottle image
    Colombo & Fille


    A special cuvée from vineyards surrounded by oak and cedar -the terroir strongly reflects on this powerful yet velvety wine.

  • Côtes du Rhône Rouge bottle image
    Colombo & Fille

    Côtes du Rhône Rouge

    A seductive blend aged for at least 8 months in order to achieve a crunchy, bright wine with well-rounded tannins.

  • Crozes Hermitage bottle image
    Colombo & Fille

    Crozes Hermitage

    100% Syrah from plots with rich, alluvial deposits. Traditionally vinified and aged for at least 12 months in oak .

  • Saint-Joseph bottle image
    Colombo & Fille


    Hand-harvested Syrah, with 12 months ageing in oak produces a gem with wonderful richness and a dense full-bodied structures.