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Frédéric Maignet, Consultant Oenologist talking with Grégory Barbet, President, in the cellars while sampling red wines

Vin Nature à Butiner Beaujolais-Villages 2018

  • 75cl bottle

A fruity pure and singing wine, with a charming nose of floral notes (violet and peony) and small red fruits. It offers beautiful melted tannins and balance.


The vineyards are located on the bests areas of Beaujolais Villages. They are grown on dry granite soil, south-facing hills around the villages of Lantignié and Régnié. The vines are on average 50 years old and they are grown according to sustainable farming methods. Everything is done precisely and accurately, to enhance the expression of the soil and the respect of the wines. During harvest the bunches are put in small trays to avoid squashing them and to sort the grapes more easily.


2018 was the rainiest winter for r 60 years. Though average temperatures were normal, this does not reflect how variable the conditions of 2018 were: a harsh December, mild January and a cold February. As a result, budburst happened late in mid-April. Spring was a turning point: sunny, dry and warm, which allowed the vines to catch up and indeed continue ahead of the curve. Mid June then marked the beginning of a drought that continued until the first day of harvest. Harvest began right at the end of August and had to be done vigilantly to avoid over-concentration in the grapes picked later - the heatwave continued. 2018 could well be compared to 2009 with deep colour, complex aromas and remarkable fruit intensity.


We make a selection of plots of old vines located around Lantignié and Régnié villages. These vines with an average age of 50 years old, produce small yields and grapes with small berries that are very healthy and strong. The grapes are harvested in whole bunches, with sorting of grapes on the vine. Then they are put in small trays to make sure they are not crushed coming to the winery which is about 600 meters away from the vineyards. A small tank composed of juice and yeast allows us to quickly start the fermentation. The maceration is traditionally done in wholes bunches, the juice being protected from air by carbon dioxide in the fermentation. We do a few pump overs. This gentle extraction helps bring the structure while retaining the elegance of the terroir and limits handlings. Ageing of 7 to 8 months is on fine lees. This brings a natural antioxidant characteristic to the wine. The bottling is done at the estate, with no fining and light filtration. We use high-quality natural cork to let the wine breath before to gather this nectar.

Enjoy with:

  • Grilled and Roasted Red Meats
  • Salads and Picnics
Terrines, grilled meats and with cheeses such as a ripe comté or cheddar. Veggie: mix salads and vegetable terrines.