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Ngakirikiri Wines

Sir George Fistonich, Founder and President, standing holding a glass of red wine, in front of a Villa Maria winery sign outside the winery

‘Ngakirikiri’ (The Gravels) represents the pinnacle of Villa Maria’s winemaking achievements and marks a milestone in our history.

An exceptional, age-worthy red wine, it sets a new benchmark for quality. It is positioned at the top of Villa Maria’s portfolio, only to be bottled when idyllic vintages produce truly outstanding wines for consideration.

New Zealand's Most Awarded Winery
  • Ngakirikiri bottle image
    Villa Maria


    This wine is the culmination of over 50 years of passion. A wine with poise, presence and a deep geological history; it represents the pinnacle of Villa Maria's winemaking achievements. Ngakirikiri is the Maori word for Gravels, a fitting name for a wine grown in the stony Hawkes Bay vineyards of the prestigious Gimblett Gravels.