A little of Hatch Mansfield's past

In 1802, when the company was founded and lunches drifted into afternoon tea, this website would definitely have frightened the horses. Pure alchemy, black magic, a work of the devil.

The first known bit of ephemera that exists on the company is a price list from 1926, issued from Pall Mall. The telegraphic address was 'LUSCIOUS PICCY,'

Useful information included "Fleets of the British Empire and other Countries". Then, we had as many battleships as the Americans!

By 1964, the company had moved, with its Royal warrant, to Coopers Row in the City and become part of Grants of St James, looking after private trade. Havana or Jamaican cigars were in the list, accompanied by the "Evercut" cutter (V-shaped with spring action - 32/6 each).

In 1970, GSJ moved its hotel and restaurant division into Hatch Mansfield and the company began to play a larger part in the development of Louis Jadot and other agencies.

In 1993, Matthew Clark took over GSJ. Three wine producers - Louis Jadot, Errazuriz and Villa Maria - decided to form their own UK distribution company and bought the rights to the Hatch Mansfield name.

The new company, Hatch Mansfield Agencies Limited, began trading in February 1994 with a team of 5, Patrick McGrath coming from Mentzendorff to be MD.

Since then, the company has been appointed to handle Esk Valley, Caliterra, Taittinger and Domaine Carneros, Vidal Wines, C.V.N.E, Jean-Luc Colomobo, Colombo & Fille, Kleine Zalze, Joseph Mellot and most recently Robert Oatley.

In 2015 Hatch Mansfield joined forces with Champagne Taittinger to create Domaine Evremond.  This joint venture was an industry first with the aim of producing top quality English Sparkling Wine.

Now, as you surf, we are a team of over  40, all dedicated to supporting our customers and our brands.

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