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2016 Carbon Offsetting Project Announced

As part of Hatch Mansfield’s ongoing commitment to the environment and ISO 14001, we have been balancing the CO2 produced by all our business travel and office energy usage by planting trees with the Woodland Trust.  As a natural extension to this, we want to now offset CO2 produced by our under bond and duty paid deliveries from London City Bond.

Rather than simply adding to the Woodland Trust project (which we will continue to run in its existing form), we are looking to introduce a social aspect to our carbon management activity.   We have therefore teamed up with an offsetting company with strong credentials called Carbon Footprint Ltd which offers Gold Standard VER (Verified Emission Reduction) projects.  These provide strong additional social and humanitarian advantages in addition to high quality carbon offsetting and we feel they are therefore a natural choice. 

This year, we invited our team via an internal vote and customers via an online Twitter poll, to vote for the most worthy carbon offset project from a choice of three. From this we have offset a further 955 tonnes of CO2, by supporting the construction of sustainable boreholes in rural Uganda.