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Behind the scenes in Champagne with new film

The new feature-length documentary film exploring the world of Champagne and featuring Stephen Fry has now launched in UK cinemas. ‘Sparkling: The Story of Champagne’ features a number of Champagne Houses with Vitalie Taittinger being interviewed at Taittinger HQ in Reims, and in London at the EE British Academy Film Awards as well as coverage of her attending the SAG awards in early 2020.

Vitali Taittinger

The film was made by London-based, independent production company, Swipe Films and was described by its Director Frank Mannion as “a love letter to the joys and pleasures of Champagne”.  The film also looks to the future with mentions of the growing interest in England’s Sparkling Wine scene and footage of Domaine Evremond.   

The current cinema run launched on 25th June, with a premiere held at Cine Lumière before opening in selected UK cinemas. The film will move to streaming service BritBox on 29th July 2021. Kevin McKee, UK Director, Family Taittinger, gave us his verdict on the film, “…an up close & personal investigation of some of the characters who make Champagne so special. Frank explores what makes them tick and why Champagne became, and will always be, the eternal drink of all things joyous.  Front & centre is our own Vitalie Taittinger extolling the reasons why Champagne Taittinger is the choice of those who know.”.

Sparkling French NOC Teaser H264 from Frank Mannion on Vimeo.