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C.V.N.E. Celebrates 140 Years

On 23rd March CVNE celebrates 140 years of pioneering Spanish wine and helping to build the wonderful reputation that wines from Rioja and the rest of Spain enjoy today. Here’s to 140 more delicious years! Victor Urrutia, CEO of CVNE, and his sister Maria have sent the following letter to the company’s supporters:

“Tomorrow is a special day: CVNE’s 140th anniversary.

In 1879, Eusebio and Raimundo Real de Asúa set the goal of making the best wines of Spain and make their country shine all over the world. It was a bold idea and a lot of people thought they were out of their minds to imagine it was possible. It is amazing to think about how far spanish wines have come since then, and we can all be proud of the role CVNE played in that revolution.

Today though, we are thinking much more about CVNE’s future than its past. We believe spanish wines will gain even more recognition in the next 10 years. We already see new regions in Spain apart from Rioja attracting eyeballs as the quality of these wines is impressive. New terroirs are discovered throughout Spain which is giving us further opportunities to offer people a taste of Spain.

Our role is to ensure the transition of our family legacy to future generations while developing, in our own way, the company. Very early, we committed ourselves to a viticulture respectful of its environment and for the excellence in the quality of wines. In Rioja, the innovative Single Vineyards approach at CONTINO since 1974 is now taken as an example by a whole region to promote the quality of its exceptional terroirs. The recently acquired properties in the regions of Cava, Galicia and Ribera del Duero are also an example of our unconditional commitment to promoting Spain and its best wines.

In the coming years, CVNE has the opportunity to reach even more people around the world. We are convinced that we will do so by continuing to produce great wines, accessible to everyone. It is a question of pursuing our efforts, all together and every day, in the vineyards, in the cellars and on the markets as well.

We have accomplished a lot together during our first 140 years and gave pleasure to a large number of people all over the world. But what matters most now is what we do next. Thank you for helping make CVNE a fantastic company now and for decades to come.”

Víctor & María Urrutia