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Caliterra receives first CarboNZero certification in Chile

Viña Caliterra has become the first winery in Chile to gain a carboNZero certification without the need to purchase Carbon Credits. The winery demonstrates an on-going commitment to protect the environment and is a pioneer in sustainable viticulturist practices.

The 1,313 hectares of woodland owned by the vineyard provides biodiversity to its surroundings and helps the winery to counteract its carbon emissions. This covers all activities that take place both in the vineyards and winery as well as during the distribution process to sale points in Chile and abroad, which enables Caliterra to obtain certification without needing to buy carbon credits. 

Rodrigo Zamorano, Chief Winemaker at Viña Caliterra comments: ‘Here at Caliterra we are committed to protecting the environment around our vineyards. To achieve this recognition and be the first winery in Chile to do so is an honour and reinforces our commitment to sustainable winegrowing and our strong alliance with nature. Through measuring and mitigating our carbon footprint we will continue to do all we can to improve Caliterra’s ecosystem and ultimately that of our country.

Caliterra was established in 1996 and is one of the first Chilean wineries to have obtained their sustainability certificate.  The name Caliterra is taken from ‘Calidad’ Spanish for quality and ‘Tierra’ – land and their wine making philosophy is to produce environmentally friendly, quality wines in the heart of the Colchagua Valley.