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Goodbye Emma!

Today we have to share the sad news of Emma’s death. She left us this last Thursday April 30th, after a long happy and joyful life.

Emma was a strong and hard-working woman, an important pillar for the development of our family company. She was also a mother, wife, grandmother and great grandmother, who with all her love and charm left an indelible mark over three generations, and who is largely responsible for what we are all now.

She founded, with Alberto, our company in 1963, and since then she had an active role in its development. In the last years, she was mainly focused on Human Resources and the Zuccardi Foundation. She always had a special interest on the needs of the people who work with us and taught us that family is not only the bonds of blood, but also all those with whom we share values and goals. Also, as part of this great sensitivity that characterized her, she actively worked in the spreading and preservation of Mendocinean art. She created our Cava de Arte, where local artists permanently exhibit their works.

A few months ago, we had the chance to edit and publish the book “Emma’s Kitchen, recipes from a Mendocinean family”. We were able to pay her a very special tribute through the meals with which she delighted us for decades, as well as leave a memory of her table which was always set and inviting. Emma was a central presence, who brought us together and created beautiful ties and moments.

Today, we have to say goodbye to her, after the great privilege of enjoying her presence throughout our lives. Today, and from now on, we can only remember her with joy. Goodbye Emma!

Jose Alberto – Sebastián – Julia – Miguel

Valle de Uco vineyards with mountains rising behind
Valle de Uco vineyards with mountains rising behind