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Hatch Mansfield & Coronavirus

Hatch Mansfield is closely monitoring developments around Coronavirus (COVID19) and its impact. The welfare of our colleagues, customers, partners and suppliers, along with their families is paramount, as we take steps to protect everyone at this very strange and difficult time.

As a business we are following the recommendations made by the UK government guidelines which are aimed at restricting social interaction in order to limit the spread of the virus.

Despite the challenging circumstances we all find ourselves in we remain totally committed to giving our customers the best service possible and have undertaken a number of measures to ensure business continuity whilst we practice social distancing with home working or self-isolation where any member of the team is diagnosed with COVID19. These include: –

  • Ensuring all our staff have remote access to our business systems.
    We can continue to process orders so please do continue to send these through to
  • Splitting our UK held stock between two warehouses to minimise disruption and provide continuity of supply.
  • Close communication with all our brand owners and shippers to establish continuity of supply.
  • Regular COVID19 conference calls with our whole business providing cohesive communication and support to our staff.

Whilst it can be hard to stop the spread of panic at this time of much confusion, we encourage the spread of kindness and community spirit and encourage everyone to share ideas of how to work through this period to better times.

Undoubtedly we will make mistakes over the coming months but the Hatch Mansfield team is here to support as much as possible so do not hesitate to contact your regular contacts within the business.   

We will update this news page with our most relevant, up-to-date information.

The following email addresses are being constantly monitored by members of the Hatch Mansfield team:

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Invoices | Payments

General Enquiries – including contact from one of our account handlers