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Hatch Mansfield joins Harpers Sustainability Charter

Hatch Mansfield has recently signed up as the latest signatory to the Harpers Sustainability Charter, an initiative launched earlier this year to champion UK drinks businesses demonstrating sustainable practices and offering a platform to share progress and best practice via goal-sharing and coverage of particular attainment.

This follows over a decade of endeavours by Hatch Mansfield to improve sustainable measures, specifically reducing its carbon footprint on a per-case or per-employee rate and over this time, Hatch has offset over 7,000 tonnes of CO2 through a number of projects since 2012 in partnership with Carbon Footprint.  Since including all inbound wine into its carbon neutral calculations in 2020 Hatch is now one of the few UK agencies to hold ISO 14001:2015, BRC Agents and Brokers, and achieve Carbon Neutrality.

More information on Hatch’s commitment to environmental responsibility, can be found here: