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UK Specialists in premium wines made by independently owned winemakers

Aconcagua Costa vineyards

Over the last few years the Hatch Mansfield team has been busy bringing innovation to market, identifying growing categories for our customers and developing relevant
premium solutions.

Both wine in cans and wine on tap are enjoying significant growth. The can market alone has grown over 40% in the past year and is now worth £4m. Both formats bring wine to
the consumer in a more sustainable and convenient way and the leaps and bounds in technology mean the poor-quality stereotypes that some may associate with these are a thing of the past. Both packaging formats are here to stay and to grow.

With this is mind we are delighted to offer two new exciting brands from Hatch Mansfield, broadening our portfolio with our continued considered approach.

A selection of organic canned wines, Wild Steps paves a way to new adventures in taste, place, quality and presentation. The range has been created through a partnership with our respected winemakers, who share our values of commitment to sustainability, social responsibility, ethical principles and premium values. Step by step making a difference.

Wild Steps will feature premium organic wines from the classic countries, made from classic varietals

Wild Steps will feature premium organic wines from the classic countries, made from classic varietals – perfect wines to explore in this ready-to-drink format.

Our partners believe in respecting the land and working in harmony with nature to encourage biodiversity, creating vineyard ecosystems that are flourishing with life. Respect for the climate, the vineyards and the grapes – the three natural elements in all their precious, kaleidoscopic, untamed glory – combine to make the best wine.

Taking positive steps forward is an important component of Wild Steps which is why we will be working with charities who share our conservation values.

Our wines are created in vineyards that are healthy, biodiverse ecosystems which makes the British Bee Keepers Association a natural first partner. The BBKA promotes the understanding and importance of honeybees and raising standards in beekeeping. These small insects are a key component of vineyard ecosystems.

Our second partner, The Woodland Trust, are the UK’s largest Woodland Conservation Charity. Their vision is a UK rich in woods and trees. They work to make this a reality by planting woods and trees to combat climate change, restoring ancient woodland back to life and protecting them from decimation.

Look out for full details this summer and join us in taking a wild step forward.

The Wine on Tap Co

The KeyKeg® 100% sealed system utilises compressed gas to squeeze wine out of the KeyKeg® inner bag. This ensures that at no point do gas or air come in to contact with the wine, maintaining the quality of the wine as the winemaker intended while retaining freshness and reducing wastage. From our experience we have found some other key benefits of this technology.

We have followed KeyKeg® technology for a number of years and have observed the stellar job it does in consistently safeguarding the quality of wine delivered in a single serve. This led us to launch our Wine on Tap brand using this innovative and sustainable dispensing technology. In our view with so much time, care and attention going into making wine, it deserves the best protection possible when it comes to service.

Wine on Tap Co logo

Versus traditional glass, the format is lightweight considering its capacity, space efficient to store and more carbon efficient to transport.It is made from a minimum of 30% recycled material and can, in turn, be recycled. An innovative and forward thinking by-the-glass solution that segues into the sustainable, refillable bottle trend.

Our range is sourced from the old and new world, delivering classic varietal and regional characteristics in a quality single serve. From Côtes de Rhône, Fleurie and Southern French Rosé to New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and Argentinian Malbec.