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Lowering their Carbon Footprint, one step at a time

On World Environment Day, 5th June 2019, Hatch Mansfield shares an update on their continued efforts to improve environmental awareness as the business strives to further reduce its carbon footprint.

In 2015 Hatch Mansfield became the first UK wine agency to receive the ISO 14001 accreditation and since then, they have gone on to implement more changes to reduce their impact on the environment.

Sustainability is very important for Hatch Mansfield, which fits with the ethos of the company’s portfolio of premium, family owned wine producers around the world.  Collectively these businesses continually seek ways to minimise their impact of vine growing, winemaking and distribution on the environment.

In 2013, Hatch Mansfield started working with the Woodland Trust to mitigate its impact on the environment by locking up carbon emissions in the UK through woodland creation. Through this ongoing partnership, they have contributed to the removal of 1,150 tonnes of carbon by planting 6,500 native British trees in the last six years.

In addition, each year staff and customers are invited to choose their favoured carbon offset project to address the annual CO2 created by Hatch Mansfield’s shipments to the UK, the distribution of their wines from London City Bond, business mileage generated by their team and all office energy consumption.

Hatch Mansfield partners with Carbon Footprint Ltd, an innovative sustainability consultancy, for this initiative and has offset a further 2,200 tonnes of CO2 through various gold standard practices. Last year, they supported a carbon reduction project in the Brazilian Amazon and a tree planting project in the Kenyan Rift Valley.

In 2019, visitors to the Hatch Mansfield stand at the London Wine Fair were invited to vote for the next project and a borehole project in the North Region of Uganda was chosen. This micro project will identify broken down boreholes, renovate them and supply a maintenance programme to ensure that clean, safe water is delivered to the community, many of whom have been affected by the ongoing period of conflict in the country. Through this project an additional 1,548 tonnes of CO2 will be offset.

Comments Patrick McGrath, Hatch Mansfield MD

“Ten years ago we looked hard at how best to articulate our attitude to the environment and how best to respond to the challenges. The projects we support and the work we do ourselves is ever-evolving due to the constant changes and developments around the world in relation to sustainability. We are very lucky to work with wine producers who are equally committed to this cause, some of whom are real pioneers in the field. Caliterra was one of the first wineries in Chile to achieve sustainable certification and the first to achieve Carbon Neutral status; Louis Jadot implements biodynamic practices within their estate; and Jean Luc Colombo takes an organic approach in their vineyards wherever possible. We are very proud of the work that our team is doing and will continue to evolve to make sure we are always doing the best we can to minimise our impact on the environment.”