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Wine Details

Contino Gran Reserva 2011 1 x Magnum 1x150cl


Stylish, bright ruby red and very intense in colour. Highly aromatic on the nose with hints of red and black autumn fruit aromas along with some toasted and spicy notes of sweet bourbon character. Full and meaty in the palate with great depth and a fine, long, velvety and complex finish.


A selection of the best grapes from our Rioja Alta vineyards around the village of Villalba were hand harvested into small 30 kg boxes.


The winter was relatively mild even though there was an abundance of rain and snow. Spring was mild and wet. This favoured g old canopy development but also some mildew outbreaks which fortunately caused no damage due to the dry conditions of the following months. By mid August the vineyard was 7 - 10 days previous years. This delay led to a very long harvest lasting from the end of September until early November. The grapes were very healthy and yields lower than in previous years.


Prior to starting the alcoholic fermentation, the whole bunches of grapes were cooled down and kept at a low temperature for some hours in order to better control the fermentation without using any additives and to achieve the optimum extraction. The fermentation took place in a combination of oak vats and stainless steel tanks at controlled temperatures. The wine was then aged in both American and French new oak casks for two years before being bottled followed by another two years in bottle prior to its release to the market

Enjoy with:

  • Grilled and Roasted Red Meats
  • Casseroles/Stews
  • Mature Strong Cheeses
Foie Gras, Rich Sauces