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Wine Details

Cune Rosado 2021 6x75cl

  • 75cl bottle

An attr0 salmon pink Rose with an aromatic nose revealing floral, peach and apricot notes against a background of strawberry and citrus. It is lightly acidic with a balanced roundness to it and a long, fruit-driven finish.


Grapes are harvested at peak ripeness from a range of vineyards across the C.V.N.E Rioja estate.


The weather in Rioja during the 2021 growing season was erratic. The summer began dry but then rain in September became key for a more favourable evolution in the vineyard. In the higher, breezier vineyards as well as those of low and mid yields the grapes improved significantly with this rainfall. The weather in October was perfect, with bright, sunny days and very cold nights, which lead to slow ripening. The grapes were healthy, well balanced and generally had good acidity, so enabling us to produce great wines with good ageing potential. Harvest began on the 16th September and ended on the 21st October.


After serveral hours of cold maceration the vat is gravity-drained without mechanical pressing to produce a juice that is then fermented at a controlled temperature of 16 degrees for 20-25 days. This is how the all important primary aromas are maintained.

Enjoy with:

  • Fish/Shellfish
  • Pizza/Pasta
  • Salads and Picnics
  • Oriental
  • Spicy
Try with garlic mushroom Pintxo