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Wine Details

Monopole Clásico Blanco 2018

  • 75cl bottle

Straw yellow colour with slight golden tonalities. On the nose it’s a complex wine, we do not only find fruits such a pear, apple, white currant and white flowers but also dried fruits and spicy. On the palate we have salinity and an elegant acidity which provide freshness.


Produced with a blend of white varieties, hand harvested in 20kg cases at optimum ripeness.


The 2018 harvest for white grapes began at Bodegas CVNE on September 21st and finished on October 13th with a good forecast. Thie vintage takes us back to La Rioja of old, with heavy frosts throughout winter, snow and an abundance of rain. Spring was also cold and wet followed by a warm summer but without excessive temperatures. These conditions provided a long, slow ripening period, which enabled the production of great, intense wines.


The grapes were softly pressed as they did in the 70s the must goes into concrete tanks for their debourbage, then into stainless steel tanks for the alcoholic fermentation. Once this is completed, the wine will go with its lees into vats and barrels of 300 litres & 500 litres that have been previously used by two, three or more wines. The wine ages in these recipients for around 8 months with regular tastings. The uniqueness of this wine lies in the contribution of a small quantity of manzanilla, developed by the traditional method of biological crianza under "velo de flor". The wines ageing contributes to it peculiar organoleptic characteristics, adding aromas of chamomile, dried fruits, and a long and persistent aftertaste. The marked acidity increases the freshness of our Monopole Classico.

Enjoy with:

  • Grilled and Roasted White Meats
  • Fish/Shellfish
  • Salads and Picnics
Grilled vegetables, egg dishes & paella