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Wine Details

Monopole Clásico Blanco 2019 6x75cl


Straw yellow colour with slight golden tonalities. On the nose it’s a complex wine, we do not only find fruits such a pear, apple, white currant and white flowers but also dried fruits and spicy notes. On the palate we have salinity and an elegant acidity which provides freshness.


Produced with a blend of white varieties, hand harvested in 20kg cases at optimum ripeness.


The grapes used for this wine were harvested during the second half of September. The growing season was a healthy one throughout the Rioja. Because of temperature fluctuations and limited rainfall during the months of May and June, the quantity of grapes was reduced, resulting in small bunches of loosely packed grapes and a consequent considerable increase in their quality, and a greater concentration of the fruit aromas typical of this variety. Grape development was slightly later than the previous year, but low yields lead to early ripening, so leading to similar harvest dates. Harvest took place calmly and gradually, permitting a high level of selection in both vineyard and winery. The whites have maintained their primary aromas, good acidity, freshness and qualities typical of a white for aging.


The grapes were softly pressed, as they did in the '70s the must goes into concrete tanks for their debourbage, then into stainless steel tanks for the alcoholic fermentation. Once this is completed, the wine went with its lees into vats and barrels of 300 litres & 500 litres that have been previously used by two, three or more wines. The wine was then aged for around 8 months with regular tastings. The uniqueness of this wine lies in the contribution of a small quantity of manzanilla, developed by the traditional method of biological crianza under "velo de flor". The wine's ageing contributes to it unusual organoleptic characteristics, adding aromas of chamomile, dried fruits, and a long and persistent aftertaste. The marked acidity increases the freshness of our Monopole Classico.

Enjoy with:

  • Grilled and Roasted White Meats
  • Fish/Shellfish
  • Mild Creamy Cheeses
  • Mature Strong Cheeses
Grilled vegetables, egg dishes & paella