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Vinos Naturales Organic Chardonnay Pet Nat 2023 6x75cl


Light yellow, with golden flashes. It is a wine that stands out for its floral aromas. It presents aromas of tropical white fruits and orange peel. Its acidity is refreshing and daring, medium intensity, long and good acidity and freshness.


The natural wines of Santa Julia come from certified organic vineyards and have the least possible human intervention in their production process.


The 2023 vintage was warm and very dry, which gave us excellent health and quality in the grapes. It is a year that is also characterised by lower yields, due to the frost in the spring of 2022. Knowing the particularities of each place in the vineyards, we were able to define the harvest time for each area very precisely, always in search of freshness, the expression of place and avoiding overripeness.


Fermentation in tank. When the natural sugars in the wine are worth 23 grams per liter, it is bottled and the final sparkling wine is left with 9 grams of sugar. The wine continues to ferment inside the bottle up to the indicated pressure. The sugar in sparkling wine and its pressure was obtained naturally. The lees remain in contact with the wine, which is expressed in its turbidity. Selected autochthonous yeasts. Pet Nat.

Enjoy with:

  • Grilled and Roasted White Meats
  • Fish/Shellfish
An ideal accompaniment to Salmon en croute