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Wine Details
Villa Maria Black Birch vineyard sunrise

Wholeberry Pinot Noir 2019 6x75cl

  • 75cl bottle

Juicy little minxes strawberry and cherry playfully flirt with cinnamon and allspice, finally succumbing to the rich, warm and seductive nature of a supple leather chaise lounge.


Vines are meticulously managed to ripen fruit in optimum condition.


Due to a cold and drawn out flowering in spring, fruit set was lower than average compared to previous vintages. As a result we saw excellent quality fruit; balanced crop levels ensured the development of open bunches with small and flavourful berries. Once the New Year rolled around Marlborough experienced a summer of the century. Blenheim’s signature high sunshine hours coupled with a dry season saw crops ripen early without any disease pressure. Long and hot days with moderately cool nights provided the perfect environment to ensure physical and flavour ripeness.


the grapes for this wine were picked in the cool of morning for crushing at the winery. Fruit was lightly de-stemmed and cold soaked on skin for five days extracting colour and tannin. The young wines were drained and pressed off skins to barrel. After 10 months of maturation, the wine parcels were blended and bottled.

Enjoy with:

  • Grilled and Roasted Red Meats
  • Grilled and Roasted White Meats
  • Pizza/Pasta
  • Casseroles/Stews
Imbibe on its own or devour along with pulled pork sliders.