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Villa Maria Black Birch vineyard sunrise

Reserve Noble Riesling 2021 6 x Half Bottles 6×37.5cl

  • 37.5cl bottle

Producing Botrytis Selection Riesling is comparative to the transition of an "ugly duckling" of dried Botrytis fruit into a "beautiful swan" of densely concentrated dessert wine. The 2018 Reserve Noble Riesling offers candied citrus peel, toffee, apricot, honeysuckle and ginger spice on the nose. Fresh acidity and pithy phenolics create a deceptively lively and fresh palate. Flavours are layered with spice, florals, orange marmalade and zippy acid backbone.


Located on the central valley floor of the Wairau Valley, the Fletcher Vineyard is characterised by free draining alluvial soils. Pruned to balance the site naturally, Riesling grapes are first encouraged to ripen, then noble botrytis is encouraged through autumnal dews and crisp cool weather. With careful late season management, the fruit is harvested after the botrytis has drawn much of the berries' moisture, concentrating sugars, acid and flavour.


100% handpicked and inoculated with neutral yeast strain in stainless steel. Matured on the lees for 8 months.

Enjoy with:

  • Mild Creamy Cheeses
  • Mature Strong Cheeses
Delicious with desserts especially chocolate based puddings.