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Vidal Vintage Update

Spring has arrived in Hawkes Bay and it’s an exciting time in the vineyard, winery and the market.

The new growing season has begun and the grape vines are laden with shoots that will bear fruit for the 2018 vintage. I’m pleased we’re almost through that risky frost season and will let you know how the vintage is shaping up in a few months’ time.

Meanwhile, our 2017 vintage wines are taking shape in barrel and tank, losing their gangliness of youth. The French have a lovely word for this maturation stage, “élevage”, or literally, the upbringing of wine. Like raising a child, recognising the potential in a wine at a young age and the nurture provided will reflect in the future wine. Needless to say, élevage is a vital part of making great wine.

Nearing their end of a long élevage period are our 2016 vintage Reserve and Legacy reds. I’m excited to share with you that in 2018, we will be releasing two Legacy reds, which I will be able to reveal to you mid-2018. Watch this space!

As for me, this is the time of year that I pack up some of our wine in a suitcase and head abroad to share them with the world. On my recent trip to Australia and the UK, it was incredible to hear first-hand positive feedback for what we’re doing. I have no doubt that there has been a monumental shift in the international appreciation for the quality and style of wine from Hawkes Bay, which makes our crusade into the ultra-premium wine market feel well-worthwhile.

With their excellent quality and ageing potential, I truly believe Hawkes Bay Chardonnay, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot blends continue to be undervalued ‘stock’! Vidal Legacy and Vidal Reserve 2015 reds will age gracefully for years ahead over a decade or more, rewarding you with excellent results.

Hugh Crichton