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Esporão owns and manages vineyards in Alentejo, Douro and Vinho Verde. Our own vineyards cover over 637ha but we also work closely with long-term contract growers in supplying the rest of our needs. We are strong believers in biodiversity, so all of our vineyards are surrounded by natural, wild areas, supporting our organic farming and encouraging nature and wildlife to thrive.

Herdade do Esporão

The estate, measuring 1840ha and with geographical boundaries that have remained unchanged since 1267, offers unique agricultural conditions – large temperature variations, 7 different types of soil and an extraordinarily rich biodiversity that supports the ecosystem.

Boasting 441ha of vineyards, 93ha of olive groves and other crops that are certified organic, the Estate is planted with approximately 40 grape varieties, 2 olive varieties, as well as orchards and vegetable gardens.

Within the  estate you can also find the 11ha ampelographic field: a living library where 189 different native and international grape varieties are grown. Here the team preserves unique varieties, studies their production  potential, and their adaptability to climate change.

From the 2019 vintage onwards, all wines produced with our own grapes will have organic certification

Quinta dos Murças

Quinta dos Murças’s unique estate is characterised by its 8 diverse terroirs, which are distinguished by different altitudes, exposures, variations of schist soils and vertical vineyards.

In addition to the vineyards, the olive, orange and almond trees and the surrounding forest support biodiversity and promote the balance of the local ecosystem.

In 1947, the estate pioneered the first vertical vineyard planting in the Douro region and today, 82% of the estate vineyards are positioned vertically, on steep slopes.

The Quinta dos Murças team believe that vertical vineyards produce wines that better express terroir due to a number of reasons: Planting density (the number of plants per ha) is higher with more competition between plants, which means that the roots burrow deeper, leading to greater expression of soil types. Moreover, sun exposure is more uniform, as there is no shadow from the slope, nor the vine itself. There is also greater aeration, which helps prevent disease and less erosion, increasing the preservation of terroir.

Quinta dos Murças wines benefit from their unique location bordering 2 of the Douro’s sub-regions: Baixo Corgo’s cooler, rainier climate imparts freshness and acidity to the grapes, while they obtain concentration and structure from Cima Corgo’s warmer temperatures, in combination with 3.2km river bank and 5 water springs, resulting in elegant, terroir-driven wines.

As of 2021, all Quinta dos Murças wines will be certified organic.

Quinta do Ameal

The property extends along 800m of riverbank on the Lima River, covering approximately 30ha, 14ha of which are occupied by Loureiro vineyards and 8ha of forest with a large variety of trees, such as walnut, chestnut and pine trees, supporting biodiversity in the area.

Loureiro variety

Originating in the Lima sub-region, where it reaches its full potential, the Loureiro grape variety is disseminated across the entire Vinho Verde wine region. Today, it is considered one of the best white grape varieties in the region, recognised for its aroma, acidity and versatility. It produces wines with low alcohol content, which leads to a profile that is elegant and fresh.

Quinta dos Murças on the Douro in the early morning sun