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green vineyard slope with tree on left, bright blue sky and sunshine, township of white buildings in the middle distance and mountains

The Winemaking Team’s philosophy is that varietal and terroir expression are paramount.

RJ Botha – Cellar Master

The team aims for minimal intervention in the winery and a focus on creating wines with absolute varietal flavour and typicity. The winemaking philosophy is underpinned by a three-pronged strategy of nurturing and developing all the components involved in the process: the vineyards, the winery and the people. The vineyards are where all great wines are made and no stone is left unturned to produce the best quality grapes.

The winery is responsible throughout the winemaking process for safeguarding the highest quality levels to produce great wines. The people involved are what make it all possible. To this end a key focus for the directors and management is motivating and training the team to empower them to do their best.