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Burgundy is one of France’s most celebrated wine regions with vineyards stretching from Chablis in the north of the region, to Beaujolais in the south.

The essence of its greatness is its multiplicity of single sites, each with its own hallmark of soil, sub-soil, exposition and climate. This intricate pattern of different factors gives what the French call terroir. And nowhere in France is terroir more crucial to the final wine in the bottle than in Burgundy.

Overlaying the geography of the region and these sites is the quality pyramid. Vineyards are given regional, village, 1er Cru and Grand Cru appellations. This, combined with the geography creates a myriad of wonderful wines. Louis Jadot offers wines from all the key regions and qualities of Burgundy, as well as a recent venture in Oregon, USA.

The Very Essence of Burgundy