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Wine Details

2017 6x75cl

AOC Côtes-du-Roussillon Villages Lesquerde
  • 75cl bottle

This wine has remarkably fresh notes and shows maturity with aromas of black fruits and warm spices. We find the soils of origin are revealed with floral notes of violet which are lightly smoky. We can find the same aromatic notes on the Northern Côtes-du-Rhône soils, which are the birthplace of the Syrah. The palate is both supple and powerful. Tannins are at the same time powerful and tight and the finish is fresh without any heaviness.


The vineyard of L'esquerda is constituted of hill top plains and slopes which are made of granitic soil. Its 350m altitude provides it a unique terroir. Each plot is hand-harvesting between 10th and 30th September. This is a late terroir because of the altitude and nature of soils.


This year, it was the climate and its extremes that gave us an incredible and very surprising vintage. 2017 was a year in which the elegance and balance of the wines and the softness of the tannins contrasted with a growing season of extreme weather phenomena and an exceptionally small harvest in the south.


The grapes are destemmed and maceration lasts around 4 weeks. Extractions are carried out by pumping-over. Temperatures don’t exceed 32°C.

Enjoy with:

  • Grilled and Roasted Red Meats
  • Pizza/Pasta
  • Casseroles/Stews
French daube Provençale Beef stew