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Bila-Haut R.I. Sélection Parcellaire 2018 6x75cl

AOP Côtes-du-Roussillon Villages Lesquerde

Complex and intense on the nose, graphite with notes of ink, raspberry and cistus flower. On the palate it is delicate, but grows denser without aggressiveness, lovely light tannins. It has a firm long lingering finish, superb violet and white pepper olfactory after-taste.


Located in the L'esquerda district, an area in the department where the grapes are last to ripen, the vineyard parcel lies on a gentle, north-facing slope; very infertile, granite, ferrous soil, predominantly gravely on top.


The Languedoc Roussillon region bucked the trend this year. Unlike most French wine regions, the Roussillon was spared disastrous weather and extreme temperatures. Production in 2017 was higher than in 2016 and the vintage is of great quality.


The harvest is totally destalked then vinified in small concrete tanks. Gentle extraction is required: light pumping-over during 0 fermentation with 4 to 5 weeks total maceration.

Enjoy with:

  • Grilled and Roasted Red Meats
  • Pizza/Pasta
  • Casseroles/Stews
Spiced wild boar shoulder or rich meat dishes.