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Four smiling men of different ages stand beneath a tree at the top of a vineyard which sweeps gently down the hill behind them. The man on the left standing with his hands on his hips has grey curly hair, a dark top and dark jeans. In the middle are son and father, the father in a purple polo shirt and beige chinos has his hand on his son's beige shirted shoulder. On the right end another dark haired man in a navy top and jeans, his hand in one pocket.


The Résonance tasting room is located on a dramatic hilltop on our estate in Carlton, Oregon, the heart of Oregon Wine Country. Experience the harmony between the vineyards, wines, and the people with public and private tastings. Walk among moss-covered, old-growth Oregon oak trees, and witness the breath taking beauty of the sun-dappled Oregon Coast Range, as it rips apart cloud fronts coming in off the Pacific Ocean.

The winery visitor centre complex from the air above. A red wood walled set of angular buildings with dark roofs. The grey concrete outdoor seating areas form different shape rectangles in decreasing sizes, reflecting the different sizes of the building sections. Trees stand tall around the side and behind.

The Résonance Tasting Room is comprised of three buildings inspired by the barns of Oregon, with earthy wood and stone building materials, large windows overlooking the vineyard, and a sprawling, west-facing terrace. We invite you to join us in Oregon’s Willamette Valley.

Visits can be booked in advance via the Résonance website:

Résonance Wines

12050 NW Meadowlake Rd, Carlton, OR 97111

A close up of the ground floor of a red wood building with three large rectangular windows. In front are dark brown metal outdoor tables and chairs on a concrete floor, and three young ladies are stood on the left side of the image sipping wine and chatting.