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Villa Maria Black Birch vineyard sunrise

Villa Maria owns and manages vineyards in Marlborough, Hawkes Bay and Gisborne.

Villa Maria sources the finest grapes from
New Zealand’s premium grape growing regions

Each major region is the responsibility of a member of the dedicated viticultural team. They not only manage Villa Maria’s own vineyards and developments, but also provide a complete advisory service to its growers. The ability to select the right sites and develop and manage these vineyards to specific wine styles and quality goals has been a major factor in Villa Maria’s success.

In 1993 Villa Maria established Seddon Vineyards of Marlborough, a company in which the public could buy shares and whose aim was to develop a 42-hectare vineyard in Marlborough. Villa Maria is contracted to purchase the grapes from the vineyard at market prices. This company was the first of its kind in New Zealand. The success of this venture led to the launch of another in 1998, Terra Vitae Vineyards, which has developed two vineyard sites in Hawkes Bay and one in Marlborough. The two companies later merged under the Terra Vitae name and continue to provide Villa Maria with premium fruit.

Panorama of Marlborough, Seddon vineyard in dusk's orange glow