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The Story

Visio Vintners is the result of a collaboration between Kleine Zalze’s owners and the Kleine Zalze Empowerment Trust, the latter owned by the winery’s employees working in the vineyards, cellar, maintenance, logistical and marketing departments. The collaboration supports the transfer of skills in wine farming, farm management, winemaking and wine marketing, in order to ensure long-term sustainability.

a black vineyard worker dressed in red tshirt, blue trousers and peaked cap is leaning into a tractor trailer of red grapes inspecting them. The trailer is between a row of vines in the vineyard with a line of mountains in the background

Visio Vintners brings a positive tension between the complexity of the past and the vitality of the new. It is a warm-hearted brand that respects the beauty and advantage of responsible farming methods and the unique Stellenbosch terroir that produces superior quality grapes.

Trustees Gerald Snyman and Alicia Alves, and Directors Norman Paulse and Brandon Uitlander have worked as part of the Kleine Zalze team for many years. They now combine their day-to-day jobs managing the vineyards and helping to make the wines for Kleine Zalze alongside their new roles at Visio Vintners. As members of the team, they have been instrumental in all the winemaking and commercial decisions as the brand and wines took shape, including planting and managing their own vineyards, developing the brand identity and helping to design the packaging.