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La Fuerza Wines

La Fuerza is the brainchild of Sebastián Zuccardi and 3 friends, Julián Díaz, Martín Auzmendi and Agustín Camps. It was their combined love and knowledge of the wine and drinks industry that led to the development of La Fuerza.

Designed, crafted and bottled in Mendoza, La Fuerza Vermouths combine local botanicals grown in the Andes foothills with Argentina’s symbolic wines – Malbec and Torrontes. The soul of La Fuerza is the botanicals grown at the Andes foothills in Mendoza. These are artemisia mendozana, carqueja, lemon verbena, creosote bush and thyme amongst many others. The La Fuerza team then collect the botanicals in a way that is not only environmentally sustainable but also honours and values the artisanal local ways.

The vermouths are made from Mendoza’s grapes, alcohol distilled from the same wines, and grape must. La Fuerza doesn’t have any added sugars, artificial flavourings or preservatives. Its flavour is the pure and natural expression of its ingredients.

Pure Mountain Wines from Argentina