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Environmental Responsibility

The daughters of Eduardo Chadwick standing in the vineyard - Ale has long blonde hair - Mane and Pepa to her left have long brown hair, and Magui on the end has long brown hair under a wide brimmed cream hat

Viña Arboleda was one of the country’s first wineries to be certified under the Chile’s National Sustainability Code that guarantees environmentally friendly production, social responsibility towards the community and economic viability.

We are committed to conserving the biodiversity in the Aconcagua Valley, and as such, more than 1,450 hectares of native forest have been kept virgin to protect the natural corridors that constitute a true habitat of flora and fauna. Additionally, water is preserved in a reservoir that extends over 14 hectares, located close to the Chilhué vineyard.

Our winemaking and viticultural teams are committed to intervene in the environment as little as possible, allowing the vines to yield fruit with the purest expression of the terroir’s intrinsic characteristics.

A large pool of water in the middle of a patchwork of vineyards in a valley