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The daughters of Eduardo Chadwick standing in the vineyard - Ale has long blonde hair - Mane and Pepa to her left have long brown hair, and Magui on the end has long brown hair under a wide brimmed cream hat

The grapes for the Arboleda wines come from its two estate-owned vineyards, Chilhué and Las Vertientes, both nestled in the Aconcagua Valley.

Chilhué, D.O. Aconcagua Costa

In the local native language, Chilhué means ‘Place of Seagulls’ and alludes to the estate’s closeness to the sea as it is located just 12km from the cold Pacific Ocean. Due to the proximity to the sea, the vines grow under a powerful maritime influence, which endows the resulting wines with cool-climate qualities. The 860ha property extends over 4km from west to east. A vast extension of native forests, ravines and endemic wildlife surround 113ha of vineyards and provide the grapes for Arboleda’s Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

Las Vertientes, D.O. Aconcagua Valley

Named ‘Las Vertientes’ after the freshwater springs found on the estate, the vineyard is located 37km inland from the sea, in the Hijuelas locality. The cool coastal winds blow in from the sea refreshing the Mediterranean climate, allowing the red grapes to ripen slowly. The vineyard is surrounded by hills, with the vines sitting over the piedmont and part of the alluvial plain and comprises 32ha of Cabernet Sauvignon, 17ha of Carmenère, 10ha of Cabernet Franc and 35ha of Syrah.

Vineyards clinging to a range of differing height hills from foreground to background, mountains in the far distance. Scrubland and a dirt track in the close foreground.