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Environmental Responsibility

Victor Urrutia - CEO of CVNE dressed in a casual blue jacket leaning against old wooden cart

C.V.N.E. has established an environmental policy which covers many aspects of their wine production and associated activities.

They were the first wine company in Spain to achieve the double Environmental Footprint (Carbon and Water). This double Footprint helps to verify the greenhouse gas emissions as well as the direct and indirect consumption of water.

Viña Real vine rows close up

Further examples of our sustainable approach:

  • 20% reduction of the weight of our glass bottles in the last 3 years.
  • Wine boxes produced with 100% recycle material and printed with minimal environmentally friendly ink.
  • All organic by-products from our wineries are reused or sold as compost or even as products in some spa treatments!

ISO Certification

  • C.V.N.E. has an environmental policy which sets out to:
  • Reduce energy consumed by encouraging good practices by workers e.g. turning off lights, computers, heaters, printers etc
  • Reduce the amount of water used at the winery by fixing pressure taps to hoses to limit water and use it more efficiently
  • Reduce natural gas consumption by rationing the amount used

Waste Products

Viña Real has its own sewage treatment plant. All of their sewage is purified before it enters into the municipal purification plant. Waste product from the wine making is either recycled in the winery or sold.


Water that has to contain chemical product, used to clean the winery, is stored separately from normal water and leaves the winery separately from normal waste water.


In the winery and offices all plastics, cardboard and glass etc. are recycled.
Barrels used to age wine can only be used by C.V.N.E. for 10 years, after this they sell them on to garden centres to be used as planters or to restaurants to be used as tables.

Panaroma of Contino vineyards